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Bauer Synthetic Ice Tiles Single Sided

Bauer Synthetic Ice Tiles Single Sided

1,199.00 ₪ מחיר רגיל
1,049.00 ₪מחיר מבצע
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סט אריחי החלקה (קרח סינטטי) חד צדדיים לאימוני החלקה, שליטה במקל וחבטות


  •  18” x 18” (46 cm x 46 cm) Tiles
  • Skate-able Tiles - Skating on these synthetic tiles feels just like on Ice
  • Self-lubricating, made out of UHMW-PE material. UV protected, patented dovetail interlocking system firmly locks tiles together and allows for easy breakdown for portability
  • Special textured surface on the tiles enhances the sliding and gliding characteristics.
  • Formula tech guarantee, for super slide characteristics that help players improve their skills on their own exclusive space.
  • Convenient and portable. Easy to add tiles as your skating needs expand.


  • Bauer’s synthetic ice tiles can be installed virtually anywhere. Whether in your garage, your basement, in your school or business gymnasium, over the tennis court or swimming pool, the installation, done by yourself is easy and fast.
  • Easy installation, requires only a rubber hammer so as not to damage the surface.
  • Maintenance comes down to vacuuming it, cleaning it with a mild soap if necessary.

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